NASA, We Have A Problem

Mao increased his political control by forcing all highly educated Chinese to leave their jobs and go to work in the rice paddies.  Almost certainly for the same reasons, Obama has ripped our space scientists out of work and thrown them into unemployment.  I wonder which country will invite them to join its space program.

In February, I reported that Obama had effectively crippled NASA; and in doing so, he scored another direct hit against our national security.  It’s August now, and our scientists are already on the street.  Nice job, Prez.

Well, it’s jobs, jobs, jobs for the Obama administration.  Fresh off the Jobs Moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, where he killed untold thousands of high paying jobs in and around the deep sea drillers; we can thank this employment wizard for forcing many of our finest scientists into a ditch. 

NASA At EMC 2010

July 27, I stopped in at IEEE’s International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, held here in Fort Lauderdale.

I was startled that NASA had an exhibit.  Yep, they were handing out patches, pins, and literature.

I asked them why.  They explained they were running some kind of outreach program to attract kids into a program that our president has already canceled.

Here’s a quick excerpt from my blog about the show:  The final NASA launches, which had been planned for September or October, are now postponed until after the November elections – isn’t that cute? At that point, NASA will dump some 4,000 highly trained scientists onto the market, and an estimated 40,000 supplier jobs will promptly evaporate.

I asked what will happen to 4,000 highly trained scientists. Does the U.S. government offer free job training, so they can become cable installation guys?

Mostly, it seems, these craniums full of interstellar intelligence might find employment where real progress is appreciated… Communist China.

Alright, then.

IEEE To The Rescue

It turns out, I wasn’t exactly right.  While I was talking to an IEEE Regional Director yesterday, I discovered that an extensive support effort is being planned to help these very same 4,000 professionals find work.

I was stunned.  I thought they would be employed through the elections, just to keep us peasants from suspecting something.

Nope.  The Director tells me they’re on the street now.  Fortunately, because of my anger management training, I won’t be calling the President of the United States an idiot.

In fact, I think he is not.  It is another step toward dismantling our country and making everyone subservient to him.

In the same way that his pal Mao Tse Tung rounded up anyone with an education and forced them to labor in the rice fields, Obama is systematically weakening this country as fast as he can possibly do it.

Our main salvation, and the one stroke of good fortune for the NASA folks:  Congress is at its lowest approval rating since Gallup started keeping score, and Obama has more detractors than approval.

I expressly asked the IEEE Director for the opportunity to join one or all of the meetings.  My interest, honestly, is to talk to these people so I can better understand what’s going on.

Do I think that this insight will help them find work?  No, probably not.

The Bad News

It’s my guess that these are highly trained specialists.  Their skills are not easily transferable.  I mean, what are they going to do?  Design elevators?

Defense Contractors might be contacting some of these folks already.  If they are, it’ll be quiet and creepy, believe me.

The greater problem is, this administration isn’t real big on defending our country.  Team Obama has been trashing our technological edge in that area, as well.

I’m sure IEEE’s support programs for the NASA people will have some great features.  Hopefully it will be something more than tips on how to look for a job, how to interview, and how to write a swell resume.

I don’t suppose anybody leading that program will suggest grabbing a passport and getting out of Dodge.

I believe in my heart that some of the NASA Job Seekers are already looking at a massive increase in pay, if they’re just willing to change teams.  Think about it.  Did the U.S. get into space by hard work and skill?  Of course not.  We swiped every Nazi scientist we could grab.

Surely, a similar reverse market is running hot, today.

The Good News

Obama is weakened, and he has a huge blind spot.  Americans – you know, actual, honest to goodness citizens – are generally proud of their country.  And one of the truly bright spots for all of us has been the glory of our space program.

Obama doesn’t understand any of that, and there is not a shred of evidence that he respects it.

NASA, Here’s Your Answer

Listen up NASA people:  Here’s how you get back to work as early as September.

Don’t screw around with job interviews, cross training, or resume skills.

Do this now:  Immediately network among yourselves to be sure you can all find each other.  This is vital.  The easiest way is to form a group on LinkedIn or FaceBook, and control the membership.  This is strictly for NASA people who have been laid off.

Next, find someone to film a documentary on this outrage.  Fast.  Don’t trust the regular networks.  They already work for Obama.  You’ll need somebody like Fox.  Somebody who can truly carry your message.

80% of you have already thrown in the towel.  I understand.  First, you’re already demoralized.  Second, you have no idea what your image is to all the rest of us.

Understand Your Image, And Use It

Let me help with that:  Few Americans know or care what you do.  To us, you’re all extensions of the astronauts.  And the astronauts are really cool.  It’s like USA’s most incredible football team.  Most of us grew up with the space program.

When you win, we feel good.  When some SOB in the White House shuts you down, we get ticked.

Guys, we’re three months away from mid-term elections.  Politicians are looking for every edge they can get.  Use them.

Create some powerful video – I mean like a documentary.  A half hour or an hour.  You don’t have to do this on your own.  Get some media support, and for heaven’s sake, put some political power on your side.

Understand What Americans Want (Tip: Safety)

The American people will support you.  You represent more than Tang and golf shots on the moon.  We don’t really understand the R&D you have brought us.  Few of us can explain what products evolved from your science.

We do understand that DishTV and our iPhones will be useless the day somebody takes a potshot at our satellites.  And some of us remember Russian missiles sitting off our coast in Cuba.

With Iran and Korea swapping nuclear arms information, more than a few Americans would appreciate whatever scientific edge you could give us.

Go public.  The media will love it.  You’ll have our support.  Politicians will push your story.  And Obama will fold like the waffler he is.

You can all go back to work, doing whatever that weird stuff is that you do so well.