Sinking The Legal System

Outrageous appointments and nominations escalate in the Obama administration, frequently bypassing the law and the constitution. Predictably, dedicated, knowledgeable professionals are beginning to exit.

In comes U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. The prosecution of 9/11 Terrorists is stopped. The Christmas Crotch Bomber gets the Miranda rights of a U.S. citizen. Our legal system begins to cave.

Out goes attorney J. Christian Adams, resigning from the Department of Justice…

Washington Times – Black Panther Case

The reason: His iron clad case against the Black Panthers for harassment of white voters was dismissed. Gone. Obama has secured a new way to influence voter turnout. Physically threaten your opposition. Oh, wait. That’s an old technique. 

Adams does not go quietly. He has started an active website that documents voting irregularities and highlights related legal issues.

Election Law Center

It is disturbing to read Adams’ endless list of red flags from around the country. He reports, for example, that our government will deliberately ignore certain laws. They simply will not be enforced.

Legal challenges down the road may have a diminishing chance of success.

With one Wise Latino Woman now on the Supreme Court, Obama now has nominated Elena Kagan. Kagan’s qualifications as a political activist apparently make up for her significant shortcomings in the judicial arena.

The Recruiter’s View

The rule of law used to be such a comforting idea.