After the President of the United States muscled BP for $20 billion – with no legal grounds whatsoever – we can be certain that the independent third party he assigns to disperse these funds will know precisely who should get them.

Representative Joe L. Barton of Texas accused Mr. Obama of an unconstitutional “shakedown” of BP to create a “slush fund.”

That pretty well says it for me.

The Czar Returns

Now prepare yourself for the return of Kenneth Feinberg, last appearing as Obama’s pay czar.    His responsibility was to go around the country, deciding how much money bankers were allowed to make. No kidding.

Remember his special insights concerning CEO Ken Lewis? Feinberg determined that the correct pay for running the Bank of America is zero.

Obama giveth and Obama taketh away.

It will be interesting to learn who most deserves to receive $20 billion.

Brace yourself for some interesting experiences.

Recruiter’s View

Every company in this country and around the world knows that the U.S. government is committed to wealth redistribution.

That means, literally, what’s yours can be mine, and very quickly. We don’t even need a court of law to make it happen.

All wealth is at risk. And so is job creation.

Fear not. November draws near.