Robbing Peter AND Paul

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Economy - Health Care - Political Commentary | Apr 17, 2010

Congress gave itself a huge head start on health care, setting up a fantastic inflow of money years in advance of any serious payout. All that money will be held safely in a Health Care Lock Box, right?

Taxes for the new Health Care program are hidden in all kinds of weird places. Cumulatively, they’ll stack up astronomical amounts of money.

The vision politicians keep us focused on is whether the program will pay for itself. There’s plenty of evidence it won’t come close.


But I don’t think that’s what matters to our elected representatives. They’re far too deep in the hole after spending other non-existent money on other horrific programs.  

The mathematical magic of the health care program requires accumulating massive tax revenue years before this money-losing monstrosity actually takes over our lives.


I can’t imagine any reason why that enormous pile of money won’t be redirected to pay for all our other financial misdeeds.

By the time Obama and others are running for re-election, I believe they hope to show the U.S. financial system looking stronger (rescued with misappropriated health care money,) claiming that many economic disasters are seemingly solved or on the mend.

On the way out the door, these slight-of-hand artists will say, “We got everything all taken care of, and we also gave you universal health care. Don’t forget, though, you are going to have to pay for it.”

Much like Social Security, there won’t be a dime left.