House of Representatives Not Representative

Gallup says just 39% of Americans find benefit in the Health Care legislation.  A full 80% disapprove of Congress’ performance.  Yet, in the face of that, the House of Representatives used bizarre rules and sheer force to jam through a package certain to be challenged as unconstitutional.  36 states are preparing to sue the fed on Amendment 10, States Rights issues.  Something is seriously wrong.

On Sunday, March 21, 2010, the House of Representatives gave final approval to the massive healthcare package passed by the Senate last Christmas Eve. The margin last night was a narrow 219 – 212.

There is probably a reason our legislators choose to hold critical votes at times when people used to go to church.  

I see no irony here. The People’s Representatives have a magnificently elevated self-image. They have repeatedly explained that they know best what is good for Americans.

Americans generally do not support this health care bill. That alone is significant, because few people actually know what is in the bill. In fact, even people who voted admit they never read the legislation. (This is getting to be a habit.)

Despite huge opposition, the People’s Representatives ignored the wishes of their constituents. They were focused on passage, literally, at any cost.  Most fully understand they may lose their seats over this.  In dollar terms, the cost ranges from a modest savings (with a nod and a wink) to the far more likely two and a half trillion dollars, with even higher unemployment.

Mysterious maneuvers were devised and executed to force the legislation into existence by the narrow margin of 219 – 212. Another vote followed, pushing a package of changes through by 220 – 211. That package goes to the Senate, then to the President.

No Republicans voted for the healthcare overhaul, which was entirely a backroom creation of the Democratic party. Even so, the vote was close. Despite strong arm twisting and reports of numerous payoffs, 34 Democrats also voted against it.

Opponents claim they will promptly challenge the final legislation as illegal and unconstitutional.

The debates are well documented.

March 21, 2010 is the date definitive action began.