Healthcare Push Back

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Health Care - Political Commentary | Mar 23, 2010

Here comes the backwash on the Healthcare bill. Law suits, editorials, and speeches are lighting up the airwaves. If everybody is so dead set against this Congress and this Administration, then who voted them in?

Yesterday, I mentioned that a big constitutional challenge was being prepared by States Rights advocates on the grounds that Sunday’s Healthcare legislation violates the Tenth Amendment. 

Today, I see that Reuters is reporting on a collective suit to be brought on behalf of Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Washington. Virginia will be filing a separate suit of its own.

That makes a quick dozen states immediately moving against violations of the Commerce Clause, as well as the Tenth Amendment.

Investor’s Business Daily editorials make the case that “The nation’s best chance to kill this monstrosity…” is in the courts. Kill It In Court points out that “The ‘individual mandate’ is a violation of the 9th and 14th amendments, again citing the Commerce Clause.

When you put it all together, does that mean Healthcare will be reversed?

That would be nice, but I ask you:
When the tide goes out, does that mean the waters won’t return?

If reports are even remotely correct, Sunday’s attack was a much bigger assault on our freedoms, than just this one Healthcare bill.  That was just a step. Observers have been pointing to the “Rules for Radicals” strategy for the last year and a half.

According to that view, Obama is merely a figurehead for a large progressive movement that has organized for decades to arrive at this moment.

Numerous sober voices – the words of disciplined and educated people – are directly and vocally explaining that the battle over Healthcare has nothing to do with Healthcare. It is one piece of a war to seize complete control of our government, our possessions, and our lives.

Very creepy stuff.

Again, I offer the views of the Pulitzer Prize winning Investor’s Business Daily: Enacting A Lie.

I am stunned – perhaps you will be, too – at the passion and the kind of language I am seeing associated with every aspect of this crisis.

During the 2008 campaign, Dr. Alan Keyes made very specific and unsettling charges about Obama, his background and his intentions.  Interesting.  Looking back at Dr. Keyes’ definitive warnings, he now looks like a genius.

Walter Williams steps in with today’s editorial Abuses Stir A Constitutional Awakening, identifying one ongoing source of corruption. Looking at the 2008 election campaign, Williams asks why people would spend $5 billion in campaign contributions and $3 billion in lobbying. Answer: Because it’s worth it. People are buying influence: Congress’ ability and willingness to take money from one American and give it to another.

Prominent economist Thomas Sowell connects the dots in the most damning way: “The corrupt manner in which this massive legislation was rammed through… provides us a road map…” he says.

Projecting into the future, he suggests that after we transfer our most important medical decisions from doctors to bureaucrats, it will be easy for politicians to access our records. And who will dare challenge those who have control over the health of ourselves and our loved ones?

His editorial A Turning Point In Dismantling Of America identifies an alarming strategy (in a less Glenn Beck kind of a way.)

Sowell forecasts the next step is to throw open the doors for immigrants, corralling tens millions of new voters to support Obama. This new strength will buy him time to install his own Supreme Court Justices, after which he can do pretty much anything he wants.

Does that sound a bit ruthless? “Ruthless and corrupt” are exactly the words Sowell uses.

Very recently, a quick Obama defense was to simply play the race card. If you have a problem with the President lying to you in his State of the Union address, it’s because you can’t come to terms with having a black President.

I find it intriguing that Keyes, Williams, and Sowell can be so effective in their arguments, without any need to deflect that specious charge.

That charming quote comes from Obama’s favorite union leader.

Recall, Obama has already explained – more than once – that he wants troops in our cities. (How weird is that?) And yet, one good crisis should make that possible. (Ref: Alan Keyes, Glenn Beck, and others.)

Google this up:  Obama Youth Groups are recruiting. (People my age: Does this ring a bell?)

And at the same time that IBD says, “Doctors (will) flee in droves,” citing the New England Journal of Medicine; it also mentions the CBO’s estimate that 17,000 new IRS enforcers will be required. Healthcare or no, that gives Obama 17,000 more sets of boots on the ground to help persuade unbelievers.

In this same news cycle, editorialists remind us that simply voting Republican isn’t enough to clear the decks. There are progressive Republicans, too.

Remember Scott Brown from Massachusetts? The first thing this Republican savior did was vote pro-Obama. Who saw that coming?

We can reasonably assume that progressives have already selected their Republican candidates. For progressive purposes, Democrat or Republican affiliation doesn’t matter. The goal is to push ahead with their ideology.

Massive financial backing will be available for the Republicans they pick.

Progressives will expect to win the next election, no matter what.

And just to top off my morning, Guy Sorman helped explain the Euro crisis, and specifically, the debt crunch in Greece. Basically, he says, broad and ongoing corruption at the State level was required to cook the books so thoroughly and conceal its fraud from the country’s creditors.

As he makes his case, Sorman says of the U.S.: “The leading credit rating agencies have just warned that they may downgrade American debt,” adding…

“We are all Greeks now.”

Thanks for that.