A Stop Along The Way

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Political Commentary | Feb 5, 2010

Still looking for a way to send money to Chicago, Obama names Wisconsin and Florida for high-speed rail projects.

I missed it, originally. I wrote about President Obama’s odd high-speed rail system announcement serving that great Tampa to Orlando corridor, and I missed it.

This guy is so good.  

I read a few more reports, trying to figure out what the heck was going on. It turns out, there’s been all kinds of bidding for rail contracts. (I’m not going to linger on that one.) And Wisconsin is also a lucky winner for high speed rail.

For those geographically challenged readers, Wisconsin is a euphemism for North Chicago.

I guess, if the Prez can’t bring the Olympics to Chicago, at least he can direct Americans to buy a railroad for his city.

In comparison with the current Amtrack performance, high speed rail could mean anything running over thirty miles an hour and arriving within three hours of the posted schedule.

This is not a service travelers have learned to depend on.

However, in the northeast corridor, where rail travel is critical… Well, correcting the grading for that track is just not a part of our vision for America.

If it is absolutely necessary for Americans to pay tribute to the President’s home town, then could I suggest we all kick in for more roads and fewer pot holes? Any visitor to Chicago should know exactly what I mean.