It’s Just Noise

Weakened politicians go on the attack, trying to put somebody else in the cross hairs.  Business Leaders get out of the way.  Employers move to the sidelines, and job seekers have to wait.

I just heard a terrific description of the noise coming out of Washington:  “A wounded animal is very dangerous.”

Do I believe the Progressives want to do the kinds of things to the U.S. that would scare even France?  Yes.

Do I think they will succeed?  No.

Last year’s power structure is falling apart.  This is a crowd perfectly willing to throw each other under the bus.  They’re doing it now.  

What happens to our economy while Progressives try to dismember each other?  It’ll move to the shadows.  It will try to be as invisible as possible.  Major corporations will try to get out of the way as best they can.

And yet, international competition is accelerating.  Businesses cannot just sit on the sidelines.  They have to get in the game or get run over.

Recruiter’s View: Candidates will be terribly confused by the strange behavior of employers.  But employers must play defense at home and offense abroad.  Political racket will fill the air waves for at least three to six months.  It will get shrill.

And, while that’s the noise easiest to hear, under the radar, real companies are finding real opportunities, and they are quietly but actively moving forward.  They must.

Another wonderful line I heard:  “What Can Brown Do For You?”

Well, if Scott Brown’s Massachusetts Movement continues on, business will be invited back to flourish in the United States.

Jobs creation will take off.  The problem then:  Where will we find employees?  Disappointed job seekers are throwing in the towel now.  Aging Boomers are retiring or just finding something else to do.

Hang in there.  This is going to get interesting.