Thank You, Massachusetts!

Voter Push Back put Republican Scott Brown in the Senate for Massachusetts.  If American voters can assert that kind of power, will existing officials back off or accelerate?

Just a quick note to record this pivotal date.

Last night, Republican Scott Brown scored an amazing victory, winning the Senate seat of the late Edward Kennedy.

It’s a game changer.   

Last year, I published nonstop blogs and letters, trying to analyze a rolling disaster. Over and over, I posted articles, wondering if anybody was seeing what was happening.

In time, it looked like plenty of people saw it. They just didn’t want to say edgy things right out loud.  I can understand that.

Satisfied that Americans – especially American business leaders – were well aware of the trouble ahead, I cut back on my written commentary.

Until last night, I had little reason to think anyone could or would take action in time to head off irreparable damage.

During many conversations, I maintained that companies had limited reasons to hire Americans here in the U.S.  It had nothing to do with a bad economy.   It had everything to do with scary politics.

Why would any company hire new employees without knowing what they would cost?  It was the goal of the Pelosi Progressives to jam through health care legislation and then jack up taxes to pay for it. In an instant, an employer’s entire payroll could jump to crippling levels just to cover the bill for government benefits.

Prior to last night’s victory, Progressives held an ironclad control over Congress.

I am one of thousands who have documented the attacks on our Constitution, our legal system, our national security, our financial system, and on businesses of every kind.

I know nothing about Scott Brown. I do think we’ve learned something about Massachusetts. And I think the country and the world are about to realign because of it.

Recruiter’s View –  For the last year, I have been listening to uninspired business leaders and discouraged candidates. It’s not that people couldn’t find a way to make ends meet. Most could. But until last night, most citizens and most businesses could expect to suffer from outrageous government policies – often passed unread, in the middle of the night.

The Scott Brown victory represents voter anger about arrogant and sloppy American political leaders who are acting, well, un-American.  And it demonstrates that voters still might recover basic rights that were being shredded before their eyes.

In one night, I believe we have slowed the outflow of talent and assets out of this country. Stock prices should go up.

In a world where the marketplace determines winners and losers, business has an incentive to return.  While politicians still make those calls, job creation will remain a patronage affair.

It is way too early to project the positives this election could cause. For now, I’m forecasting relief. Industries such as health care and finance can at least imagine a life without daily beatings by the government. Other industries will have some prayer that surprise taxes and regulations won’t necessarily drive them into the ground.

Scott Brown reminds voters that we do not have to fear our own government. As we take back our responsibilities, and fears subside, our economy may rise again.