Shows Calendar Updated

By Ted Dieck | Latest - Updates | Jul 18, 2013

Check it out…  On the home page, under “Industry Watch.”  Choose “Shows.”

I can see a number of interesting re-alignments since we last reviewed the big industry get-togethers.  Multiple shows are “co-locating,”  as they call it.

Too early for me to jump to conclusions, but I’ll nose around and let you know what I find out.

Open For Suggestions

I’m still tracking down shows that, well, just seem to have a new name.

I think I’m getting those sorted out.

Also, there’s a bunch I need to add.

As I do that, I may take a run out and make some new friends.  I’ll try to give you an early Heads Up if I do.

Any suggestions you might have, please drop me a line.

We can always use some great advice!

— TD