Contract Engineers

By Ted Dieck | Latest - Pick - Releases | Apr 11, 2011

We may be changing the game plan soon.

I may be providing search services for a good client who will be needing groups of senior level engineers. On contract. (Is that you? Contact me!!!)

That service is different for me. For over a decade, I have exclusively searched to fill full time permanent positions.

In the meantime, it hasn’t escaped me that Washington D.C. has made contracting the low commitment preference. More than one of my engineering candidates has hopped in with the happy idea that I should front the money and file the paperwork, in hopes that contract offerings would have a happy ending.

An Interesting Solution

A good friend of mine has made a much better suggestion. I might simply modify my search services to accommodate contract positions. For sure, I know enough engineers on the contract side.

We can go into detail, sometime, if you’d like.

For now, here’s what is important…

Work Flow Matters To Contract Services

To be prepared for one client who needs a dozen or two senior level contract engineers, I clearly have to identify who’s available, and then I have to track their work flow and availability.

Obviously, keeping good talent busy is key to having the better engineers available when my larger client needs them.

We’re just getting started, here.

I’m interested in your thoughts. Certainly, if you want to be a part of this effort, please give me an early Heads Up.


Ted Dieck
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