Added Links On Trends Page

By Ted Dieck | Latest - Housekeeping - Updates | Jan 25, 2010

The Trends section of Industry Watch has new links. You might want to check them out. 

The Opinion section now has a link to Gallup Polls.

I added a section for Controls Companies so it’s easier to watch the progress of Emerson, Honeywell, and Rockwell. If you’re making a living doing something with Controls Systems, it stands to reason that you want to see these manufacturers busily selling controls. (If they’re not selling controls, it’s a sure sign nobody is installing them!)

The Financial block has several more basics.

Energy now includes the Baker Hughes Rig Count that I talk about. I also included a link to the Baker Hughes blog. They do some nice analysis every once in a while.

I’m very pleased to have the Shipping section, which links out to good coverage of the U.S. Rail Freight numbers and the Baltic Exchange Dry Index (a great way to check on international shipping activity.)

Down in Geographic and Regional Trends, I tucked a link to Newseum. Very cool. It has maps from all over the world. Hover your cursor over a city and it shows you the front page of the local newspaper.

Any other links you particularly like? Drop me a line. I’ll see what I can do.