Intro Letter Fix

By Ted Dieck | Latest - Housekeeping | Oct 16, 2009

If you registered to receive my update e-mails, you likely received some introduction letters. The first purpose for the intro letters is to be sure you’re receiving e-mails successfully. (I can’t tell you how many people sign up, never clear me through their spam filters, and don’t see a single letter.)

The second reason for an intro letter is to say Hi and Thanks. 

The third reason is to be really, really sure the letters are getting through, and, oh, by the way, maybe I can offer up some useful information in the process.

None of those reasons included telling you a whole bunch of stuff that doesn’t apply anymore.

For sure, about a half dozen people have received letters that really don’t make any sense. I’m changing websites, blogs, furniture, and planets (not the last two. Honest.) and the pace is doing nothing but speeding up.

That made pretty much everything in the letters close to useless.

Over the weekend I’ll get rid of the old letters and write new ones that are all up to date. When I’m finished, we’ll pretend none of this ever happened, OK?