My CSIA Question

By Ted Dieck | Employers Intelligence - Special Report | May 12, 2023

The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) holds its Executive Conference in New Orleans May 15-19.  The published schedule for the week-long event doesn’t seem to acknowledge an awkward problem.  And that leaves me with an awkward question.

I can imagine all kinds of answers to my question (below), including: 

  • Love it;
  • Hate it; and the ever-popular
  • I don’t know anything about it.

That’s why I’m trying to limit my opinions here.
(I’ve written plenty.  You can read it any time.)

I really want to know how Integrators are positioning themselves. 

I can actually imagine more creative answers, like…

  • We love it, if it gets us another contract; but not after that.

Or the more secretive…

  • Are you kidding me?  I wouldn’t tell you my phone number. 

Anyway, here’s my question…

How are you handling ESG and DEI?

Your customer probably has an ESG score.
Part of your customer’s ESG score may require that they report on you.
(Did you get that?  Customers and suppliers may report on your ESG compliance, even if you don’t care about ESG.)

Some banks are collecting ESG information, as if it’s part of a credit profile.
(Is that a problem?)

If any of this requires clarification…

Some Useful Names and Terms

The World Economic Forum (WEF)
Economic, Social, and Governance (ESG)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

BlackRock – World’s largest asset manager, with $8.66 trillion under management 12/31/22.

Some Background (If You Need It)

This is no big revelation.  The WEF is perfectly clear about its Great Reset plans.
These are the “You Should Eat Bugs” people.
They are certain “You will own nothing, and you will like it.” 

ESG and DEI guidelines come from WEF.  They are variable rules that sound lovely.  When implemented, companies and even countries, have an unfortunate tendency to collapse.

BlackRock and the “too big to fail” SIFI banks are totally upfront about their plans…
They promise to destroy the world’s fossil fuel companies by making it impossible for them to get credit. 

Farms and food seem to be disappearing.  Same deal.  The Ag industry is being run out of business in the Netherlands.  U.S. production is strangled by fertilizer restrictions.

There’s more, but that sets the tone.

The Consequences

It seems that Systems Integrators would have to…

  • Get out of industries that have been marked for destruction.
  • Ride the wave of [approved] industries.


  • Resist, hoping for the return of a free-market economy.

Tough decision.

I wouldn’t put this on the program, if I were scheduling an annual meeting.