Unresponsive Candidates

By Ted Dieck | Employers Intelligence - | Jan 5, 2022

Here’s a whole new way to suffer a staffing shortage.  The death rate for working age people 18-64 is up 40%.  Most deaths are not classified as COVID-19.  And long-term disability claims are up.  So, what’s the solution?  

We’ve faced this challenge before.  The incredible Vanishing Candidate syndrome is back.

Before I give you the grim details from coroner’s reports, here’s how to attract the people who are still alive and well.

Employers can grow by speaking directly to the concerns and interests of the people they want to attract.  It’s hard but simple.

There’s a whole world of concern out there.
Identify and address those concerns directly.
Build a message that is convincing and resonates with potential candidates.
The rest should take care of itself.

Here’s The Report

Read the article here.  It’s a brief report on the December 30 virtual news conference organized by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.  

According to the article, OneAmerica CEO Scott Davison said, “The data is consistent across every player in that business.” 

These are “huge, huge numbers” and it’s not elderly people who are dying, but “primarily working-age people 18 to 64.”

At the same conference, Brian Tabor, the president of the Indiana Hospital Association confirmed. 

Impact On Employers 

Be assured, your Group Insurance plan will reflect massive cost increases. 

Death and disability are shrinking  the pool of available Candidates.

Your Recruiting effort will have to carry a compelling message.
“Post and Pray” may not generate the quantity or the quality of applicants you’re looking for. 

A Quick Warning 

If you actually read the source report I provided, you might also want to keep a copy.   Censorship is rampant, lately.  Industry leaders get fired for merely questioning the COVID mantra.  

Predictably, strange versions of Scott Davison’s statement came rolling out, 24 hours after this article was released.  The competing reports reversed everything he said, claiming instead that the cause of death was the pandemic. 

Bottom Line

We’re seeing more competition for fewer good prospects.
At a time when credibility is scarce, it would help to make sense for the people you want to persuade.
Actually, they would appreciate it.