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Featured Careers is one way I give you a Heads Up on active searches and new opportunities that look interesting.

It’s not a complete list, but this resource can be gold for a candidate.

(Most likely, an Active Search will have a Search Number assigned to it.  Please include that Search Number in your correspondence to me, so I know which opportunity you are looking at.)

In this Featured Careers section, my first priority is to get you the word when something important is happening.   To do that, I may post entries that are obviously incomplete.  Sometimes, we just don’t have much detail; so I’ll go with what I’ve got.  Other times, I may have a bunch of information; but it’s going to take a while to sort it out.  Again, I’ll post what I can and follow up later.

If one of my searches is ringing bells for you, please don’t wait for me to deliver literary perfection.  Get in touch with me right away.  I’m always happy to share what I can.  And as searches unfold, we’re both better off knowing you might be a match.

A quick word about Developing Opportunities:  I often pick up rumors weeks or even months before a company officially starts working to fill a new position.  In an effort to persuade clients that I’m brilliant and magical, I sometimes do advance work, preparing for a potential search.

I am sharing my Developing Opportunities with you in that same spirit.  There’s nothing firm about any of these, but realistically, this is where all good searches come from.  They originate as Developing Opportunities.

Using them to guide your preparation can give you a tremendous advantage when new positions open up!

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