Controls Engineers, Chemical Engineers – See Your Great Ideas Come To Life! (1435)

By Ted Dieck | Featured Careers - Active Search - Food And Beverage - Pharma - Pick | Nov 12, 2012

When some of the biggest companies on the planet rely on your processes for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical ingredients, millions of consumers around the world will know if you got it right.

Innovation isn’t just a happy surprise.  It’s a requirement.

Be a part of it. Cool ideas get fast-tracked for approval, budgeting, and implementation.

You’ll base right at the center of the action…  The flagship facility of a worldwide operation.   Over a half square mile of ever-changing boilers, mixers, centrifuges, evaporators, and driers.

This is a powerhouse employer.  Good people.  I’ve met them, toured the location, and met some of the team.  I like the attitude.  I like the approach.

The company is financially strong.  The future looks excellent.

And there’s room, here, for good people to grow.

Technical Requirements

  • Controls Engineer

  • Chemical Engineer or EE

  • Process environment

  • Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical

  • Corn Wet Milling

  • Absorption Separation

  • Evaporators, Centrifuges, Driers, Mixers, Boilers.

How To Apply

If you or someone you know might be interested in this position, please contact me immediately.  I have more information available.

My phone number is 954-915-0000.

My e-mail address is

Please attach your resume as a Word document. Be sure to include 1435 in the subject line.

Thanks very much.