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By Ted Dieck | Featured Careers - Expired - Nuclear - Past Searches - Power | Feb 16, 2010

Here’s an interesting contract opportunity getting a big push today.

For some reason, the people responsible for filling this position – due to start by January 11 of this year – Oops…

For some reason, they didn’t find their candidate. Now the scramble is on.

Note, this is not my search order. It was brought to my attention by another recruiter who just received the official request yesterday. I’m not kidding.

While the conference call is going on, I thought I’d pass along what I know, in case this might be helpful to you. 

Sr. Qualification Engineer: It looks like you’d be qualifying things like power circuit breakers against Nuclear 1E requirements.

In other words, your work will help prevent radiation leaks, so a simple accident won’t ruin everyone’s day.

It would be lovely if there was more information here. (Could be why they weren’t able to get the position filled.)

I can see that you’d be working on low (600V) to medium (4.67kV) voltage circuit breakers, using IEEE standards 323, 344, 81, 82 and EPRI 5652.

Other random words in this release include Seismic, EMC, and Environmental Qualification. I’m sure the idea is to be friendly to the earth, even if it’s literally moving under your feet.

Again, this is really loose. Let’s say EE or ME would make sense, and you should have some previous experience qualifying nukes for somebody else.

This is contract work, estimated at 10 months. If you used to earn six figures as an employee somewhere else, the budget here seems to swing well into that.

For all the mush in this release, the one thing that seems to be clear: They want to get this position filled, and quick.

Just send your resume to and copy in this line as the subject:
Sr. Qualification Engineer – Nuclear – SC – 2/16/10

I’ll forward your e-mail directly to the recruiter who is handling this search, and you guys will work together on this one. As I said, this search isn’t mine. I just thought it might be important enough that some of my engineers would like to know about it.

Good Luck!

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