1329 – Electrical & Instrumentation – Professional Engineer – South Carolina (Revised)

By Ted Dieck | Featured Careers - Expired - Past Searches | Jan 20, 2010

Here’s more information about my search for a Professional Engineer in South Carolina…

A QUICK NOTE: If you’re not a registered PE, or if you don’t want to live in South Carolina, that’s OK. Just send an e-mail to careers@dieck.us and attach your resume as a Word document. Tell me what it is you do want to do. We’ll see if we can make some progress for you.)

As far as this search is concerned, I am really, really looking for an E&I Engineer with a PE who intends to live in South Carolina.

If you’ve got that part in place, would you please step slowly and carefully to the phone, dial 954-915-0000, and talk to me immediately? The odds are pretty good that you’ll like what I have to tell you. 

THE OPPORTUNITY – Help the transition of a growing engineering company’s E&I department. A key merger is nearly complete. (Details below.) There are some good, solid engineers here. The purpose of this position is to bring major credentials to the department and then help this whole side of the organization expand successfully. This is a higher profile position, so it’s important that you be a competent engineer… and also nice to be around. We are looking for a role model who can help a small team grow into a large team and still enjoy the experience.

I’m looking for a Professional Engineer, licensed in the state of South Carolina, who can lead an Electrical & Instrumentation design group for industrial applications. The company’s primary service is putting instruments in the field for industries like Oil and Gas, Power, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, and Wood Products. They do everything from green field to disaster recovery.

There’s travel, of course. These are construction environments. Generally, the projects are in the U.S. The company handles all the arrangements, and they’ll have you home on a regular basis. They’re good about that.

And there’s growth. The existing design group is a small team that happens to be part of a huge international construction company. Here’s the story: The South Carolina office is associated with a main headquarters about a thousand miles away. That headquarters has been growing fast for quite some time. And they added another company. And another company. And they joined with a group of supportive companies. And somewhere in there, they merged with a monster international. And amazingly enough, everything keeps moving happily in the right direction.

Over the next year or so, there’s a good chance that the South Carolina office is going to add more employees. A bunch more. And it’s a pretty good bet that the office will move a lot closer to a major airport (probably Greenville.) Like I said, these guys support projects all over the country.

This is a group with an excellent reputation, amazingly considerate of their clients and employees, and growing in ways that are really remarkable.

The reason the company is such a nice place to work: They only hire pleasant, supportive, responsible, qualified, reliable people that a paying customer would like to have around. Teams can count on each other, and customers can count on the teams.

I know this company very well. Excellent operation. Well connected, well funded, and growing. This is a good one.

To send me your resume, be sure you have the number 1329 included in your subject line, and attach a Word document in an e-mail addressed to careers@dieck.us


* Professional Engineer, registered in South Carolina. (Tested in, not grandfathered in.)
* Electrical and Instrumentation design.
* Construction
* Industries like: Oil and Gas, Power, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, and Wood Products.
* Degreed. EE is best.
* Willing to travel.
* Base in Greenville, SC area.

Programming is not a requirement.

HOW TO APPLY– If you or someone you know might be interested in this position, please contact me immediately.

My phone number is 954-915-0000.

My e-mail address is careers@dieck.us Please attach your resume as a Word document. Be sure to include 1329 in the subject line.

We’re working hard to fill this position right away. I’d be very pleased to talk with you and think through any questions.

Thanks very much.