Chief Technology Officer

By Ted Dieck | Featured Candidates - Automation - Available - Featured Candidate | May 6, 2024

Senior Technologist in Machine Vision and beyond

This leader has fulfilled Director and VP responsibilities, guiding teams to significant accomplishments, using advanced technology.

As the world rushes to automate, he moves to Chief Technology Officer,  maximizing his technical contributions.

A Wealth of Resources

He pulls from a deep background…   

  • Multiple degrees,
  • Game changing patents,
  • He speaks several languages, and has
  • Served in a variety of industries, cultures, and disciplines.

U.S. based, he has extensive European connections, and broad experience in the Asian markets.

Advanced Technologies

Highly creative, with a passion for building on advanced technologies, his achievements have contributed to today’s standard industry practices.

He’s a machine vision expert and an inventor of advanced illumination systems.  He draws on a mastery of advanced illumination, sensor technology design, image processing, and IoT-AI.

He has worked at every production level from semiconductors to design/build capital equipment.

Wherever possible, he uses technology and machines to perform specific tasks without requiring humans to intervene.

High Tech Applied

As a Leader, he has consistently elevated his Teams’ performance, developing applications for advanced technology.

Sales Reps call him a powerful asset, working with customers.

Bottom Line

Today’s Featured Candidate inspires collaboration at all organizational levels.
His credibility is earned by deep study.
His creativity finds unexpected potential.
His positive attitude is infectious.

His technical awards are only exceeded by the strong reference letters from his associates.

This is a very unusual combination.

And he’s available today.

For more information, please contact me…

Ted Dieck
(954) 915-0000