Business Development Director

Power and Energy – Smart Grid. Are you ready to compete at a higher level?

This extraordinary Director of Business Development draws from an extensive and growing international network of engineering, government, business, and utility professionals.

Leaders trust and respect him.  

Power Through Partnering

He attracts the support of these leaders by inviting them to participate in innovative programs designed to build on their mutual interests.

The results can be powerful.

Valuable Relationships

Today’s Featured Candidate draws from three families of relationships:

  • Fortune 500 Engineering and Construction companies, where he is a Certified Project Manager.

  • The vast membership of the IEEE, where he serves on the Board of Directors.

  • Elected officials at our state and federal levels, where he moves easily among our most influential legislators.

This is a powerful Business Development professional with a flawless presentation and a gracious, engaging style.

I highly recommend him.

(954) 915-0000