Steel Pipe Mfg – Trouble Shooter, Manager

Large O. D. Steel Pipe Manufacturers, Heads Up! Here’s one of the highest ROI candidates I have ever seen in a production environment. It turns out, an extremely wide background, sustained concentration and focus, a willingness to dig deep into the details, and a full helping of personal responsibility… well, good things can come from that.

I’ve known this manager for years. Two things you can count on: Massive dedication, and amazing results.

The bonus: He spends a lot of time on the floor – sometimes quite literally. He knows his people, and he knows his equipment. 

This candidate is a serious student of multiple disciplines. He can find money-sucking glitches that engineering departments never knew existed.

Famous for thinking carefully through problems, he can solve decades-old issues with a lot of insight, a little effort, and a couple thousand dollars. ROI: In the millions. Reason: He uses A-B-C prioritization to find the low hanging fruit. Keeps his focus on the big payoff.

One of a kind.

This is your advance notice. More detail soon. He’s dead serious about making a move.

Can relocate or travel extensively among your facilities.

Contact me immediately for tons of detailed information, especially if you’re a large o.d. pipe manufacturer.

(954) 915-0000