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In my daily search for the “Top Ten Percent,” I inevitably cross paths with some truly excellent performers. Folks who far exceed what I was looking for, or people who surprise me with a skill set I had never thought of.

Finding these gems is one of the real pleasures of being a recruiter.

In this section, I introduce some remarkable top performers who are coming available now.

I invite you to take a look at what these folks have been doing. They might surprise you, too.


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Chief Technology Officer


Senior Technologist in Machine Vision and beyond This leader has fulfilled Director and VP responsibilities, guiding teams to significant accomplishments, using advanced technology. As the world rushes to automate, he moves to Chief Technology Officer,  maximizing his technical contributions. A Wealth of Resources He pulls from a deep background…    Multiple degrees, Game changing patents,…

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Director/VP – Engineering & Technology


Advanced Automation Specialist introduces new technology; inspires innovation. This leader brings out the best in engineers.  Formally educated in both mechanical and electrical disciplines, he understands their thinking. He’s an established machine designer and controls programmer.  He can guide new equipment projects from concept all the way through to delivery. His advanced work in machine…

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My Blind Spot In Machine Vision


Someone has to be the bridge between High Tech and mere mortals.  Until now, I haven’t seen anyone who can organize development and delivery of machine vision and still make it relatable for the end user.  For decades, I’ve mentally put High Tech guys in one box.  Sales guys go in a different box.  The…

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Industrial General Manager – VP – President


Is it possible to increase prices and gain market share… at the same time? Raise production yet make the work safer? Build inventories and still put more cash in the bank? Who does things like that? As a recruiter, and as a Small Business guy, I’ve heard plenty of Turn Around stories. They usually feature…

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