Back In Season?

By Ted Dieck | Candidate Advisory - Reviewed | Jun 14, 2010

What’s left to do if we can’t have oil spills, currency panics, bank legislation, or nuclear war?  Well, we could go out and make some money.  Wake up, Job Seekers!  You may be coming back into season before you realize it.

Three weeks ago, my May 21 letter explained the current situation to candidates in a single word: “Meltdown.”

Then I proceeded to spend a couple thousand words depressing everybody half to death, explaining that in the eyes of governments, hedge funds, and CEOs, the whole world might be imploding.

OK, well, that was fun.


Now we’re half way through June. Whole new picture.   

Pull out the letters from April: “Business Develops” and “Onshoring.”

That was actually based on something.

Now that the whole world isn’t necessarily going to vanish after all, employers might be a little more inclined to plan ahead. Maybe even consider a candidate or two.


Your competitive prospects have a lot to do with what you bring to the table.

But for the last six weeks, employers completely took away the table.

I can promise you that we still won’t have completely clear sailing for awhile (just to mix metaphors a bit.)

I believe the markets will be glitchy, on and off, simply because any Dead Man Walking Congressman can still whip up an investigation and propose industry crippling legislation. Just one more law, for the old times.

But the overwhelming evidence says we have an opening developing. It’s getting harder for government to hurt employers, companies have real work to do, and they have the money to do it with.

And here’s a bit of good news:  China is turning in some strong numbers with much higher payrolls.  The increased activity and higher costs could very easily push jobs back to the U.S.   I spent some time studying it over the weekend.  If you want my take on it, here’s my Recruiter’s View article…

Everything’s Higher In China.


Go ahead and get positive, jack up your energy, and go make some friends.

The raw fear you saw a month ago has exhausted itself.

Stay in touch. We might have some fun this summer.