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Travel – Week Of 9/17/12

Cincinnati – Chicago – New York City.
(Dallas starts the following week.)

I’ll base out of Cincinnati for the quick trips to Chicago and New York.

The New York City run is for LinkedIn’s “SourceIn 2012” on Thursday, September 20.

After that, we go on to Seattle for the weekend.

I’ll arrive in Dallas late Sunday, September 23.
I may be there for several days, meeting with folks for the Dallas search.

There is still room in my Dallas schedule, if I should be seeing you…

— TD

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Here’s My Menu of Destinations


That’s a pretty firm list of my upcoming trips.

I try to stay flexible enough that, if we need to talk about anything, we’ll have a chance to get together.

Please let me know if something interesting is happening in your part of the world, OK?

The Time Frames…


In September
New York
Washington (State)


I’ll try to give you more detail as things develop.

What’s Happening

Two of the locations are associated with upcoming events.

LinkedIn is holding the “SourceIn” where people like me learn recruiting magic. That’s in New York City.

The Rockwell Automation Fair is being held in Philadelphia this year. That’s always worth attending.

Texas, of course, is still hiring. Every trip list has to have Texas on it!

See you somewhere!

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CSIA Executive Conference – Orlando

Not everyone knows the Control Systems Integrators Association. They should.

CSIA is a small but important group. It helps industry customers answer two important questions:

What integrator should I choose for my project?  And…


That “why” question is always a tough one. Service businesses, by their nature, sell things that are intangible. So, it’s tough to compare service suppliers, unless they leave behind tracks of some kind.

And that, of course, is one of the hallmark offerings of the CSIA: The dreaded audit.

Excellence, Certified

The CSIA Certified Company proves annually that it is a master of Best Practices in a world begging for assurances.

On my home page, on my business cards (do people really use those anymore?) and on printed correspondence, I display the line:

“Attracting Excellent Talent To Excellent Employers”

When I am looking at my list of excellent employers, they are nearly always members of CSIA.

Not a member yet? Give them a call.

And let me know you’re on board, OK?

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Show Schedules Updated

Interesting realignments in the industry. While some shows are consolidating or scheduling less often, others are splitting out on their own.

Here’s my updated show schedule:

Industry Shows

If you have corrections, or want to suggest other shows, please be sure to leave a comment.


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EMC – July, 2010

Can a niche industry give me a look at hiring trends?  The show was local.  I decided to check it out.

A good friend of mine urged me to attend the International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility. I like to say that, because it’s got a certain sound to it that suggests I might be incredibly intelligent.

The Symposium was being held by IEEE’s EMC Society, and as everybody knows, EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility.

EMC, as my buddy explained, is a big deal for product that gets plugged in. When you microwave your lunch, you don’t want your TV going crazy. When you hit the brakes on your electric car, you don’t want it to accelerate. When you hold your iPhone, you don’t want to lose your connection.

You know, stuff like that.   Continued…

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ISA Automation Week

Are high prices and limited registration ISA’s best solution to falling expo attendance?  Automation Week tests the theory from October 4 – 7, 2010.

Early rumors had the ISA Expo 2010 dead on arrival. Technically, that’s true.

And yet, you have to give the organizers credit. This long standing association is morphing faster than a lava lamp on a hot stove.  Continued…

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