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Texas, Anyone?

I’m looking at spending some time in Texas soon. Let me know if you need anything.

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Energy and Mining

More reports that this is where the action is.

(But you already knew that, right?)

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Plugging Back In

Crazy, how long it’s been since I’ve published anything on a regular basis.

2010 was a year of medical fun for some members of our family.  The rest of the family shared in a bit of the chaos.

Fortunately, we had a lousy economy.  That made it easy for us to focus on family priorities.

When I returned home last month, it felt like I had been living in a time warp.  Back in November, I was making projections.  Suddenly, it was February, and I was evaluating results.


With just a few calls and a quick e-letter, I can already tell you we’ve got a lot going on.

Clearly, I have a bunch of homework ahead of me.  I’ll pass along what I learn as fast as I dig it up.

Check the regular blog sites for updates on your main interests:

Extended Menu

Best summary reports are in the e-letter:

Free E-Letter

Thanks to everyone for your kind support.

It’s great to be back!

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Employers Intelligence Recovered

You can make up your own joke.

Subscribers to last week’s letter may have had difficulty reaching this blog article:

Payroll Pressure

It’s up and running now.

Thank you.

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Employers Intelligence Went AWOL

I don’t know either. I’ll make the acquaintance of Tech Support.

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Good News! I’m Not Blind!

Neither are you.

I thought it was just me. The nanofont that I was using was originally created by the guy would wrote the Lord’s Prayer on the head of a pin.

Probably swell for 16 year olds. Not so visible for me.

I’m using headers (yes, the font used for sub-headlines) as regular text. Actually, the size is still a little small. The fact that it also is bold finally gets us to moderately OK.

Haven’t figured yet how to get my links in that size. For now, I’m separating them out and keeping them on their own line in a smaller font that allows their color to show.

Step at a time, I keep saying. Step at a time.

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Blog “Menu” Presentation Improved

Initial trials indicated people needed a cleaner look after they clicked on my “Menu” option.  Something simple and obvious.

I recognized that I had to turn off the comments. Got that done.
I punched up the font size.
And I included both the Home Page and the Extended Menu as choices.

We’ll subject humans to this version and see how it plays.

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Menu Link on Blog Sites

You can now navigate from my blog sites back to the main website.


We’ll skip over how weird it was to have half a dozen orphans stranded out in cyberspace.  Continued…

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Extended Menu

It’s a little cheesy, but there’s now a menu button called “Extended Menu.”  It’s on the menu in the main website and links out to a page called… you guessed it: “Extended Menu.”

Basically, the Extended Menu is a text page of links going out to all the blog sites. Strangely, it also has the menu buttons for the core website on the same page.

I’m overlooking graphics issues tonight and settling for a navigation system that should work for most non-psychic mortals.

This basic little trick will hopefully make all the web pages and blog sites play together nicely.

Fingers crossed.

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Employers Intelligence Has Content

Employers Intelligence

…was started with a simple link to an old report about Business Development.

I now have current content.

That’s another one up and running.

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