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Business Development Update

Want to win your next project before it even goes out to bid?  Relationship marketing puts you in the game earlier, and at a higher level.

My take on this market: There is work; and there is money to pay for it. You have four months to make friends.   Continued…

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Quote of the Week 06/25/10

We have plenty of cash.  I just can’t find anything to invest it in. – CEO of a U.S. small business.

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Learning From Your CAT

Powering Up in a Down Market?  These Guys Are Good.

Now, don’t zone out on me, here.  This is a heck of a story.  Caterpillar was supposed to be dead.  Instead, in this sloppy market, they’re paying a higher dividend:

Caterpillar announced a 5% dividend increase on 6/9/2010, moving the August 20 distribution from $0.42 per share to $0.44 per share (for shareholders of record on July 20.)

Still with me?  Paying out a bigger dividend isn’t just a nice way to get rid of all that spare money.  Exactly one day earlier, Caterpillar released their updated Vision 2020 Strategy.  The goals and strategy are, shall we say, aggressive.

To me, the Strategy said, “We’re going to dominate.”  The dividend boost said, “And we’ve got the power to do it.”

If you want to see how a winning team addresses a murky market and an indecisive future, just read the Press Release. It’s pretty invigorating:

Caterpillar Announces Updated Strategy

Wait, Wasn’t Everything Slowing Down?

We’ll skip over the stories about how terrible everything in the world is supposed to be, and simply observe here that CAT stock is up 100% from July last year.   Continued…

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Quote of the Week

“Historically, in dark times, we’ve always just charged ahead, because there was always light somewhere out in front of us. Now, we’re charging ahead because that’s what we’ve always done.” – Senior Plant Manager

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Payroll Pressure

If candidates are already pushing back on low pay, and Chinese are winning 65% pay hikes, what happens without cheap labor?

We already know that U.S. employers are low-balling new candidates wherever possible.

Who can blame them? Bush tax cuts are going away, taking money directly from the folks who hire and pay people.  Meanwhile; mounting taxes and benefit costs are bearing down like a freight train.

The first and most obvious move is to avoid hiring anyone.

The second plan is to pay as little as possible to the people you do hire.  Continued…

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SPECIAL REPORT – Business Development

Here’s a link to the public version of our…

Business Development Study.

This is part of an in-depth study done for a client in April of 2010.  As it looked like we were coming out of the Great Recession, many companies were evaluating how to get their sales efforts back on track.

Here’s some of what we learned.

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