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“Historically, in dark times, we’ve always just charged ahead, because there was always light somewhere out in front of us. Now, we’re charging ahead because that’s what we’ve always done.” – Senior Plant Manager

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  1. Dennis King says

    Is it the American Spirit or the habit of Americans to do so? Most of us lack the despair gene that seems to pervade other cultures, and so, we forge ahead. Slowly sometimes, but still we think that better times are just ahead. Egad, it is a blessing to be here!

  2. Ted Dieck says

    Couldn’t agree more. In fact, there are clear-eyed leaders who dealt with the recession quickly. They calculated the hit and took it fast. That gave them time and money to focus on the interests of their embattled customers – with terrific results. The CAT story is just one example. Good stuff, definitely.

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