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A New Engineer Starts In Big Oil

A new grad reports in on Big Pay Days and his new career with Big Oil. Is it worth it?

Last November, I posted a Recruiter’s View article called “What’s An Engineer Worth?”

As I said at the time, “There’s a lot of confusion in the market. I’m seeing wild bid/ask spreads of 50% for all levels of engineers.”

Literally, companies locked into one budget have been making offers up to 50% over their stated limits. Sometimes, they walk away with no new hires at all.


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More Signs

Whatcha see, and whatcha don’t see. Two more ways to tell employment is setting up for a recovery.

While I was driving around southwest Ohio, a series of appointments took me through some industrial parks.

Much to my surprise, I saw a number of signs along the street announcing things like, “MACHINISTS – Now Hiring.”

I sort of filed it away in my head, wishing I had time to stop in and see what these companies were really paying.


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The Job Market Is Switching

Look for high commitment, higher paying companies with global reach.  They really are out there.

I just wrote a Recruiter’s View piece you might want to take a look at…

Employment Weather Report, Fall 2010

It will give you the background for some of my comments here.


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Crazy Talk

The interview process may seem slightly insane lately, but take heart. Once you get out of the asylum, things really are looking up.

Last month I got a call from a highly qualified manager in the automotive sector. He told me his most recent job hunting frustrations. His story will probably sound familiar.

One of his job interviews went something like this:

Q: Do you understand that this is a management position? We are looking for someone to manage the operations of a company that manufactures parts for the automotive industry.
A: Right. I’m an Operations Manager for Tier I automotive parts suppliers.

Q: This is the part that they manufacture. Are you familiar with anything like that?
A: Of course. Look at my resume. We made that exact part.

Q: Yes, but they don’t make it the same way as everybody else.
A: I know. That’s my design. Your client copied my manufacturing process while I was at a competitor. They started doing it the same way.

Q: How about the location? Do you know anything about that area?
A: That’s where I went to high school.

Wait… wait… wait… then…

Q: We’re not going to go ahead with you, because you’re not quite qualified for this position.

The candidate freaked.   Continued…

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Mining and Energy; China and the Gulf

Those are your drivers for job creation.  Some things government just can’t stop.

We’ve talked about each of these individually. Now, some of them are coming together in very powerful combinations.  Continued…

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Back In Season?

What’s left to do if we can’t have oil spills, currency panics, bank legislation, or nuclear war?  Well, we could go out and make some money.  Wake up, Job Seekers!  You may be coming back into season before you realize it.

Three weeks ago, my May 21 letter explained the current situation to candidates in a single word: “Meltdown.”

Then I proceeded to spend a couple thousand words depressing everybody half to death, explaining that in the eyes of governments, hedge funds, and CEOs, the whole world might be imploding.

OK, well, that was fun.


Now we’re half way through June. Whole new picture.    Continued…

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